Useful Tips For Renting a Car in Bali

Useful Tips For Renting a Car in Bali

Renting Self-drive car in Bali quite challenge. Traffic jams are most in every road. It need special qualification and patient to drive however once you are on traffic flows you are going to love to drive.

Bali’s traffic drive on left hand side, it’s also another challenge for those whom coming from country that drives on right hand side. For traffic rules it’s almost the same. Car Rental in Bali is no mileage.

If you plan to explore Bali driving by yourself please do reservation before you arrive! Most of car Rental Company in Bali do free delivery and drop off at Bali airport. Also they deliver to you hotel around the area, some rentals will put additional fee for certain location. Once you have made car rental booking, make sure it’s confirmed. Deposit is mandatory.

International Driving License

Driving a car in Bali required International Driving License. This license only can get in your country come from. Sometime Traffic Police do random car check on the road. By having this you are free to drive a car in Bali. It also useful for your travel insurance if you have an accident in Bali.

Most of Car Rental in Bali have limitation insurance, best you check before you decide to rent about insurance and what you are liable for.

Baby car seat is not mandatory in Bali, if you need one some rental will offer you free baby car seat, some will charge some amount of fee to rent baby car seat.

Gasoline in Bali is Cheap, since recent car need high compression it need high octane number. Use always Pertamax with 92 RON octane. It easy to find in every gas station in Bali.

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