5 Wonderful Things to Do with Kids When You Visit Bali

Bali is no doubt one of the best places among travelers. In this paradise island, we can do a lot of fun things. Of course things will be more exciting when we visit the city with our beloved children. Some people might think that this is a city only for adults to have fun. Well, that is not quite right because kids can have fun too here. In fact, there are plenty of places to go with kids. Here are five of them.

1. Waterboom Park in Kuta

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Kuta is one of the places that you definitely have to visit when you are in Bali. This area has many unique tourist attractions. One of them is Waterboom Park, a water recreational park perfect for family trip.

In this theme park, you will find a numerous fun and challenging rides. For example, stimulate your adrenaline by trying Smash Down. It is a water slide with slope 60 degrees. You will be able to slide down with speed 70km/hour. Too dangerous for kids? Then take them to Funtastic. There is no need for parents to worry about this ride since it is specially built for them. Here kids can enjoy body slide, water canon, and many more.

If you stay in Kuta, you can come to this place simply by walking. However, if you are in other regions like Ubud, then car is a good option. Instead of taking a taxi, you can rent a car to suppress your spending.

To get into the theme park, you will need to pay for the entrance ticket. The domestic ticket price can cost IDR 289,000/person for adults and IDR 251,000/person for kids (2-11 years old).

2. Bali Safari & Marine Park

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Do you love animals? If you do, then you would love Bali Safari & Marine Park. This place is owned and managed by Taman Safari Indonesia. They have more than 20 years of experiences in safari park and animals. That makes Bali Safari & Marine Park becomes one of the best parks in Indonesia.

This park is the home for a wide variety of exotic and rare animals from 3 countries, which are Africa, India, and Indonesia itself. From Indonesia, they have 60 species and over 400 rare animals. Some of them are white starling, tapir, crocodile, owl, hog deer, Sumatran tiger, etc. From Africa, they have Chital, Himalayan Bear, Black Buck, and Nilgai. And, they also have African animals like hippo, baboon, blue wildebeest, ostrich, and many more. Besides animals, there are other attractions you can enjoy in the park. Those are elephant attraction, Hanuman show, or Fun Zone.

Bali Safari & Marine Park has a very strategic location. That makes it to have such an easy access to get there. In fact, you can go there without troubling yourself with traffic jam. Once again, we highly recommend you to use Bali Car Rental. The operational hours of the park is 09.00 – 17.00.

The domestic entrance ticket price of this park is:
Adults: IDR 150,000/person (above 12 years)
Children: IDR 135,000/person (between 3-12 years)
Babies: Free (below 3 years)

3. Dream Museum Zone Trick-Eye Galery

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Taking some pictures is a common thing to do whenever we are on vacation. There is one place that allows you to take unique and creative photos. That place is Dream Museum Zone (DMZ). It is an art gallery of 3D murals in life size.

In total, there are 120 artworks in this museum with 14 different categories. Once you enter the place, it will transport you to all over the world. You can travel instantly from Egypt to Venice or Amazon to Indonesia. Some of the artworks you will find here are the giant shark from the movie Jaws, Mona Lisa painting, Jurassic Park, Rapunzel’s castle, and many more. With a proper pose and angle shot, you will get a realistic image.

This place also has a gift shop. You can buy souvenirs like shirts with printing of your own shots. If you are hungry, there is a refreshment corner that sells some snacks and bubble teas. DMZ opens everyday from 9AM to 10PM. The entrance ticket price is around IDR 250,000 for adults and IDR 200,000 for kids.

4. Bali Treetop Adventure Park

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Bali is also quite well-known as a place for adventure. Some tourists or travelers visit Bali only to get some adventures ahead. To meet their needs, several companies invested their money to build a facility specially for adventure. One of them is Bali Treetop Adventure Park in Bedugul.

Some of you might never hear of it. Located in Bedugul, this is the right place for those who love adventure in open natural environment. The facilities included in this park are:
• 7 circuits with range of height between 2 to 20 meters. Each circuit is connected from one tree to another
• 72 challenging games like Tarzan Jumps, Flying-Fox, Spider Nets, and many more.
• 160-meter Flying-Fox

Do not worry about the safety as there will be a professional instructor coming along with you. Besides guiding you, they will also provide necessary information and safety kits. The entrance ticket prices are IDR 250,000 for adults, IDR 160,000 for kids (4-12 years old), and IDR 650,000 for family.

5. Banana Boat Rides

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Banana boat is a fun water sport game in Bali. In this game, you will ride a rubber boat which has a shape similar to a giant banana. Several people can ride the boat at once. If you are interested in trying this ride, then come to Tanjung Benoa Beach.

Most tourists who come to this beach will enjoy this activity. Usually, 5 people will ride the boat of which 4 of them are tourists and the other one is the instructor. When it starts, a speed boat will pull the banana boat and take it for one round in 15 minutes. To try this ride, you will need to pay IDR 180.000/person with minimum booking for 2 people.

Those are all 5 wonderful things to do with kids when you visit Bali. Each of them has their own way to entertain us and our family. Got excited? Then come to Bali now and experience all the activities we mentioned here. Please call/Whatsapp us +62818355045 Bali Car Rental for transport arrangements.